Software Development
6 years experience

I am a problem solver, I enjoy writing code and see development as my form of art, every line of code an expression of who I am. I love Ruby & Rails, have joined team React lately and would love to delve deeper into the world of functional languages. I enjoy running....a lot...I feel that getting out and spending time alone is not only good for the body, but also great for the mind and part of a balanced life!
Ruby 6-10 yrs
TypeScript 0-2 yrs
SQL 6-10 yrs
Javascript 6-10 yrs
HTML / CSS 6-10 yrs
Ruby on Rails 6-10 yrs
React 6-10 yrs
Sinatra 0-2 yrs
Webpack 0-2 yrs
MySQL 6-10 yrs
Windows OS 0-2 yrs
Senior Rails Developer, SkyVerge
2016 - 2019
Web Developer, Go Daddy
2014 - 2015
Web Developer, Mad Mimi
2012 - 2014
Web Developer, Mpowered Business Solutions
2010 - 2012
Computer Science, University Of South Africa
2009 - 2015