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Flexhire is hiring for
Full Stack Software Engineer
Full Stack Software Engineer
$20 to $40/hourFreelance
$160 to $320/day
$42k to $84k/yearPermanent
$3,520 to $7,040/month
  • Technology (2+ years)

    Job industry

  • 116 Countries


  • 12 months

    Project length

Ruby on Rails
Required skills
AWS (Amazon Web Services)
AWS Beanstalk
Continuous Integration
Nice-to-have skills

Flexhire helps our clients scale their business faster leveraging science based hiring best practices and the benefits of modern flexible distributed teams. Our network members are top pre-screened experts from around the world available for hire. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies and venture backed startups.

About the role

We are looking for a talented engineer to join the Flexhire engineering team building a product and company that helps people from all over the world find meaningful work with great companies. We have truly helped transform some of our talented members' lives by giving them great long term work with amazing companies.

At Flexhire, we work using the kanban approach for project management and small iterations on features, getting early feedback from end users. In our fully remote team, everyone makes a difference: we all have a "horizontal" shaped skillset and take ownership of different aspects of the product.

Our product is built on a modern stack and a combination of best practice solutions, with ones when the best practice does not fit us.

We have a Rails application as our backend, and a hybrid SPA with Server Side Rendering and PWA features as our frontend. Our frontend is built using the Next.js framework, React, Typescript, Redux, Material-UI. We also make heavy use of React hooks and Redux Saga.

Our infrastructure is deployed on AWS with redundant, horizontally scaled servers. The deployments are managed through automated CI and CD pipelines, and we also have multiple comprehensive suites of all kinds of automated tests to keep us moving fast without breaking things. Finally, we stay on top of user facing issues through deep Sentry integration.

Key responsibilities

At Flexhire, you will:

  • implement features and fix bugs by working on our frontend and backend codebases
  • maintain and extend our library of low fidelity UI mockups to prevent or solve UX issues with the product
  • keep track of the stability of the different aspects of the product by maintaining the automated test suites
  • participate in the day to day decision making process with regards to building our evolving product
  • get familiar with all technical aspects of the product from lo-fi UX prototyping to high fidelity designs, core backend code, database architecture and cloud infrastructure, focusing on what best matches your skillset

Ideal experience

Our ideal candidate has:

  • excellent overall communication skills
  • fluency in written and verbal english
  • excellent balance between independently overcoming obstacles and involving the team when having trouble with the task at hand, alternating between the two to maximize both team and individual productivity
  • a mindset oriented on solutions, with the ability to identify both short term pragmatic solutions to immediate problems and longer term ideal solutions
  • high initiative in identifying present and future issues and proposing solutions
  • experience working in a fast paced early startup environment, where simpler solutions are often better when features are in the early stage
  • experience with remote work, asynchronous text communication, occasional video meetings, and organizing work with colleagues from different timezones
  • experience with react frontends and ruby on rails backends
  • experience with application as a service cloud providers such as AWS Beanstalk, CI/CD pipelines
  • experience maintaining a big suite of all kinds of automated tests