Software Development
11+ years experience

Experience software architect and Dynamic leadership expert with a penchant for spearheading team success through improved training and mentoring experiences. Demonstrated excellence targeting issues and introducing innovative and creative solutions to technical problems. Capable of inspiring cross-functional team engagement; strong ability to enact custom software solutions across a variety of methodologies.
Certified Scrum Master 3-5 yrs
Android (Java) 0-2 yrs
C# 6-10 yrs
Javascript 6-10 yrs
TypeScript 3-5 yrs
SQL 6-10 yrs
AWS Lambda 3-5 yrs
ASP.NET 6-10 yrs
.NET 6-10 yrs
Express 3-5 yrs
React 0-2 yrs
Node.js 6-10 yrs
Webpack 3-5 yrs
Redux 0-2 yrs
Professional & Educational Timeline
Full Stack Freelancer , Israeli Police
2018 - 2019
Created traffic accidents CRM; established full network transport and integrated traffic from DGPS to application screen.
Full Stack Freelancer, Mexican Government, Israeli Solution Provider
2018 - 2018
Defined automated processes and technologies for C&C systems; introduced rapid scaling with dockers and guided full cycle of development in GIS domain back / frontend.
Lead Application Integration & Audit , The Sphere
2016 - 2019
 Led several teams of front / backend development in project process; liaised across time zones and coordinated individuals with varying experience backgrounds.  Isolated development process vulnerabilities and streamlined delivery across three teams.  Restructured deployment processes; encouraged leveraging of AWS infrastructure and reduced minimization of DevOps efforts.
Full Stack Freelancer, Republic of Angola, Mitrelli Group
2015 - 2019
Devised large-scale data processing and established correlation based on CRM / GIS data; integrated APIs for government use and reduced staff working hours by thousands.
Bachelor of Science in Geo-Informatics, Technion Israeli Institute Of Technology
2007 - 2012
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science , Technion Israeli Institute Of Technology
1999 - 2002