Software Development
6 years experience

I am a programmer with over 8 years of experience using a varied set of frameworks and technologies in web development, software engineering, application development and android development. I love to read about new upcoming frameworks and find ways to make use of them. I am constantly learning new languages and learning new methodologies to help my career grow. For fun, I like to program computer games using HTML5 or C# from scratch.
C/C++ 3-5 yrs
Android (Java) 3-5 yrs
Ruby 3-5 yrs
SQL 6-10 yrs
HTML / CSS 6-10 yrs
Javascript 6-10 yrs
Java 6-10 yrs
C# 6-10 yrs
.NET 6-10 yrs
Bootstrap 6-10 yrs
Angular 6-10 yrs
ASP.NET 6-10 yrs
MySQL 6-10 yrs
Programmer Analyst, Assiniboine Community College
2015 - present
Intranet web applications that increase turnaround time for employees. A payroll system that calculates earned wages, overtime, holiday pay and creates reports used by HR.
Programmer Analyst, Portage Mutual Insurance
2012 - 2015
Scanning software that encrypts scanned images. Application that processes multiple files of different types from other servers and uploads to a central database; files such as bank statements, financial records, and other important documents.
Computer Science, Brandon University
2008 - 2012