Software Development
11+ years experience

I used to be more of a “jack of all trades”, and I can still do a broad array of front-end and back-end coding and database tasks. But I’ve become increasingly enamored with front-end development and, specifically, with React. I want to build better tools that are simultaneously useful and engaging. I want to work with others who understand that form and functionality are not mutually exclusive.
Javascript 11+ yrs
React 3-5 yrs
jQuery 6-10 yrs
C# 6-10 yrs
Java 3-5 yrs
SQL 11+ yrs
Angular 3-5 yrs
PHP 11+ yrs
Developer III, Availity
2017 - 2019
Java, React, Angular, jQuery, REST, Jenkins, OpenShift, Oracle, git • Creating new Java APIs to connect client portals in our SaaS portal to their backend systems • Using React (with some Angular and jQuery) to develop front-end functionality that integrates with those APIs • Migrating legacy software to a new microservices architecture
Senior Software Engineer, Silkroad
2015 - 2017
C#, ColdFusion, MS-SQL, jQuery, React • Migrating legacy ColdFusion UI to jQuery reporting tools with a React user portal • Building a complete RESTful API on top of the existing application to facilitate a move to a microservice architecture
IT Manager, EverBank
2012 - 2015
C#, ASP, jQuery, Knockout, MS-SQL, TFS, Sitecore, Bootstrap Led the project team through the implementation of Sitecore CMS, including the establishment of industry best practices (.NET/C#, MS-SQL, jQuery) • Ran staffing operations for the acquisition of more than a dozen resources • Converted existing processes into Project Server (MS Project)
Directory of Technology, MarketingExperiments
2007 - 2012
PHP, jQuery, Google Analytics, SugarCRM, MySQL • Designed and deployed a task and project management system for prioritization of development efforts according to business initiatives (PHP5, MySQL5) • Built an HR benchmarking system for direct comparison and reporting of employee skill sets based on standardized testing (PHP5, MySQL5) • Developed a payment processing and affiliate management system that allowed for the rapid creation of ecommerce microsites (PHP5, MySQL)
Directory of Application Delivery, Vurv Technology
2004 - 2007
ColdFusion, MS-SQL, JavaScript • Established a core software build where previously none had existed and created a process whereby all bugs and feature requests were vetted against the product road map and rolled back into the core • Created reporting interfaces that allowed C-level executives to view the production and progress of all development teams in real time • Built a system for constant evaluation of each project’s cost-to-date and forecasted cost-to-completion
Application Developer, Nemours Children's Clinic
1997 - 2004
• Developed a real-time stock market simulation used by thousands of competing players across the internet (PHP4, MySQL4) • Designed and deployed a custom system for the transmission of patient scheduling information between primary care physicians and the Children’s Clinic (ColdFusion, MS-SQL) • Built a campaign management solution designed for data mining of voter rolls (PHP4, MySQL4)
Electronics, Community College Of The Air Force
1992 - 1997
Electronic Technician, US Air Force
1992 - 1997
Repair and maintenance of ground-based air traffic control radar.