Software Development
6 years experience

I'm a software architect currently living in Shreveport (Northern Louisiana). I am very creative in technical areas and have enjoyed programming as an act of creation. I have spent thousands of hours considering software and database architecture in the context of creating horizontally scalable applications. I have spent tens of thousands of hours meditating on the intersection of software systems and sociology.
C/C++ 3-5 yrs
HTML / CSS 11+ yrs
Javascript 11+ yrs
Python 3-5 yrs
Java 6-10 yrs
TypeScript 3-5 yrs
AWS Lambda 3-5 yrs
MySQL 3-5 yrs
Node.js 3-5 yrs
Angular 3-5 yrs
Bootstrap 3-5 yrs
Webpack 3-5 yrs
CEO/CTO, Crowd Altar, LLC
2017 - 2019
Architected cutting-edge 3-tier web application using a highly available graph database in active/active enterprise cluster with separate read and write scale-out clusters and auto-scaling API and frontend services, using continuous deployment methodology on containerized AWS cloud across 3 fail-over datacenters.
Manager, DevOps Center of Excellence, CSRA
2015 - 2017
Managed the establishment of company’s first DevOps service for internal and external customers, resulting in the beginning of a new stream of revenue for the company and the founding of a DevOps Center of Excellence.
CEO, Logic Nation
2011 - 2014
Founded and led diverse team of over 45 specialists to develop a web based content management system designed to enable anyone to publish and monetize any kind of content online.
Aeronautics, Embry Riddle
2006 - 2009
Dean's List
Electronic Systems, Community College Of The Air Force
2003 - 2005