Software Development
11+ years experience

I'm a German citizen living in Guatemala for 11 years now. My wife is from Guatemala and we have three lovely daughters in the age of 1, 2 and 8 years. Before coming to Guatemala I was working with BMW in Munich for 2 years and since then have worked remotely from Guatemala for mostly US companies. I love working remotely and getting immersed into new technologies and teams. I'm fluent in three languages, German, English and Spanish and enjoy working in our local church with the Maya people here
SQL 6-10 yrs
Ruby 0-2 yrs
HTML / CSS 11+ yrs
Java 6-10 yrs
Javascript 6-10 yrs
Ruby on Rails 0-2 yrs
Angular 3-5 yrs
MySQL 6-10 yrs
Webpack 3-5 yrs
Bootstrap 3-5 yrs
Node.js 3-5 yrs
Backbone 3-5 yrs
Express 3-5 yrs
Senior Software Engineer, Cisco / BroadSoft
2013 - 2018
• designing and implementing UC One Hub cloud based architecture based on NodeJS ( • creating JsSIP fork (ExSIP) and adapt for usage with BroadWorks WRS ( • implementing WebRTC JS client on top of ExSIP (
Ruby on Rails developer, Etherpros
2012 - 2013
porting an online learning platform from PHP/drupal to Ruby on Rails/Spree
GWT/Java developer, BlinkMind
2010 - 2012
• Porting an existing php portal to GWT using web services over SOAP • Customizing and integrating jBilling for an admin panel using PayPal Payflow API • Importing and processing CDRs (Call Detail Record) using Drools • Developing a Java media server control appserver over SIP • Refining and improving a VoIPTester applet using Java Socket and Datagram API
Web application developer, Homeprodigy
2007 - 2009
• Design and development of a 100% GWT web application for the real estate area of Dallas, TX • Design, development and integration of multiple GWT modules into php pages • Team leader of GWT development team located in Orizaba, Mexico
J2EE developer, Gigatronik
2005 - 2007
• Design and development of a J2EE client-server application for monitoring, administration and control of the operations on BMW test courses based on Swing, EJB, BEA WebLogic, Oracle • Design and development of a document generation tool for a big environment management web application of BMW based on XSLT, EJB, BEA WebLogic, Oracle • Design and development of AJAX based web applications for the BMW motor sports team in order to administer and analyze data based on GWT, Spring, Oracle
Information Engineer, University Of Cooperative Education
1999 - 2002