Software Development
11+ years experience

I'm a full-stack JS/TS developer with more than 10 years of experience. I'am interested in grow my professional skills at some international company. I am an engineer in physics, but I have been programming all my life. Also I like to compose and play songs on guitar, and drive my bicycle.
Javascript 6-10 yrs
HTML / CSS 11+ yrs
SQL 6-10 yrs
Redux 0-2 yrs
MySQL 3-5 yrs
Bootstrap 3-5 yrs
Webpack 0-2 yrs
Angular 3-5 yrs
React 0-2 yrs
Backbone 3-5 yrs
Express 3-5 yrs
Node.js 3-5 yrs
Senior Frontend developer, Noveo
2018 - 2019
Making frontend for a huge french startup using Angular 5
Lead Software Developer, Crypto Company
2017 - 2018
Making frontend and backend for an crypto miner software
Lead frontend developer, SFCD
2016 - 2017
Made frontend for serveral outsource project with Angular 2, React, Backbone
Full-stack JS developer, Sympli
2015 - 2016
Making frontend and backend for web part of
Lead fronted developer, SFCD
2013 - 2015
Making a lot of frontend works for several startups
Radiophysics , Novosibirsk State Technical University
2002 - 2007